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Affiliate Program
Online advertisement - post ads and use your referral code.
We will show you how to post online ads, where to download our flyers how to edit them with your referral code etc.

Click Here to go to our instructions page.

Recruit affiliate(s) recruit a friend to do the same and you'll earn a 1% override.
How Does This Work ?
Make Money by referring us clients.
Earn a 1%
 override BONUS on the affiliates
that sign up through you.
Hand out flyers - If you live in the local Miami area, you can post our flyers on bulletin boards, hand them out to people at events, use door hanging bags - We can sit down with you and go over what types of solicitation we approve of and don't approve of. 
 You give away our 5% savings & you 
Earn 3% when the client uses your referral code.
When was the last time your carpets were cleaned ?
Step #2
Save this file
and edit the Referral Code
to the code we sent you.
Step #3
To advertise online 
please visit our instructions page at the below link.
how to post online ads with my referral code
The file above is to print out labels that you can affix to our flyers. You can pick up flyers from us just set up an appointment to stop by the office. Use our flyers or create your own as long as we approve the content.
Monthly pay outs for our Affiliates
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